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Newmarket Citizens Band attains PLATINUM at Music Alive 2009
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Music Alive 2009 Results
Newmarket Citizens Band goes Platinum. “They Came Sailing” and “Shenandoah” were both received enthusiastically by the adjudicator:
”BRAVO - very energetic and well prepared. Excellent variety. I enjoyed listening & imagining the different moments suggested by your playing.”    Recorded live:   Shenandoah
Sound File    They Came Sailing Sound File

Here is the text of the adjudicator's comments :
They Came Sailing
- beautiful opening
- great timpani et al in percussion
- clarinet in the upper register - strive to blend
- great dialogue between trumpets and woodwinds @ 12
- nice solo playing in oboe and flugel wonderful phrasing
- clarinets in lower register - even more air!
- trumpets very nice blend @ 49
- percussion transition is excellent!
- great energy in this transition from 1st ending back to 63
- key change is handled effortlessly
- a little shading (?) in your transition to 91
- Tubas great job in your moment in 6/8 109
- key changes are handled very well!

BRAVO - very energetic and well prepared. Excellent variety
I enjoyed listening & imagining the different moments suggested by your

- the accompaniment cannot be tentative - you need to support the melody
- excellent tempo and expressiveness 23 - duo very lovely and emotional
- I like your stretch to the end of the measure
- Saxes - be sure to blend with horns
- Bravo flutes you play 47 with great control
- trumpet and tuba - nice build through 48-52 & 54-56
- this music really speaks with emotion
Congratulation on your fine performance this evening

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